Understanding the Benefits of Experienced Catastrophic Injury Lawyers

Finding the Right Catastrophic Injury Lawyers

Dealing with a catastrophic injury will have obvious physical challenges, but it will also create psychological obstacles for victims to overcome as well. Suffering a catastrophic injury is a life changing event with a significant negative impact on the quality of life going forward for the victim. In addition to the stress and difficulty that will result in dealing with the injury, where can victims turn to for help understanding what treatments, rights and benefits are available to them? Understanding the benefits of a catastrophic injury lawyer is a great place to start.

Having a catastrophic injury properly diagnosed and documented can be difficult as it often requires seeing a number of different doctors, specialists and other healthcare professionals. This is very time consuming and the required forms such as an Application for Determination of Catastrophic Impairment (known as an OCF-19 form) contain legal language that can be very intimidating and confusing for people outside the legal profession, including doctors.

Speaking to a reputable personal injury lawyer with a proven track record of successful catastrophic injury claims can provide valuable information and legal services for anyone suffering one of more of the following:

  • A full or partial loss of a limb
  • Paraplegia – the impairment of the lower extremities that results in reduced motor or sensory function.
  • Quadriplegia – paralysis or loss of use of all four limbs
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Loss of vision
  • Mental and behavioural impairments

Potential Catastrophic Injury Benefits

A highly experienced catastrophic injury lawyer will work with you to understand your unique situation and advise of the potential accident benefits you may qualify for under the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS). In the case of a successful catastrophic injury claim, these benefits may include any, or all, of the following:

  • Medical and rehabilitative care
  • Attendant care
  • Income
  • Caregiver
  • Housekeeping expenses
  • Other healthcare costs

Catastrophic injuries can often result in psychiatric and post-traumatic stress claims. These claims are generally more difficult to pursue because they are sometimes hard to detect unless they immediately result in changes to personality, memory or judgement. As a result, these claims involve an area that is largely misunderstood except by lawyers with specific experience in this particular field. These lawyers have had experience detecting, understanding and pursuing these specific types of claims on a client’s behalf.


Professional and Empathetic Injury Law Services

Dealing with a catastrophic injury has the potential to destroy your life. It can also greatly affect the people around you. Sokoloff Lawyers is a highly experienced personal injury law firm with plenty of knowledge in all areas of personal injury law including catastrophic injuries. They understand how these life-altering injuries affect you, your family and all of the people in your life.

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If you are dealing with a catastrophic injury as the result of an accident, contact Sokoloff Lawyers and speak to a highly experienced catastrophic injury lawyer to discuss your options for pursuing a claim today.